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With the Internet, do you still need blockchain?


Blockchain is a field that makes money extremely fast, and it is also a field that is very close to human nature.Dare you join us?You, with what?

To some extent, it is "money" that drives the progress of the society.In the current hot blockchain field, the growth rate of "money" is several times, dozens of times or even hundreds or thousands of times, and the change of a few percent is hardly a fluctuation in the currency circle.

Blockchain is a field that makes money extremely fast, and it is also a field that is very close to human nature.

Dare you join us?

You, with what?

With the Internet, do you still need blockchain?

The Internet enables low-cost, borderless transmission of information.

The low-cost transmission of information flow can not only improve the productivity level, but also improve the efficiency of the use of production materials, such as taobao, jingdong and other online shopping malls, QQ, WeChat and other instant messaging software, as well as remote real-time collaborative office and so on.

But the Internet doesn't do that, it doesn't deliver value.

Duang, blockchain appears.Make it possible to synchronize the value stream with the information flow.

Bitcoin, litecoin, etherlane...A lot of "digital money".

Blockchain, intelligent contract, consensus mechanism, decentralization...A whole bunch of technical terms.

So what is blockchain???I don't know. He's like a newborn baby. It's too early to define him.

But there is no denying that he has been the focus of the whole world.This is unprecedented.

Block chain is popular hot degree, conceal tremendous bubble and risk.

The value of blockchain has become a consensus. It is another disruptive technological revolution after the technological revolution of the Internet. In the future, AI, Internet of things and other technologies need the support of blockchain technology.We also see that so far, the blockchain field has emerged with real applications that integrate with people's lives.

Block chain development up to now, itself is not lack of anything, just need time to precipitation and accumulation.For emerging technologies, especially the wave of technological innovation, on the one hand, it is necessary to speed up technological iteration, on the other hand, it is necessary to slow down to go steady, because countless historical processes tell us that ideas and practices are too advanced, easy to become martyrs.For blockchain enterprises, they must have faith and never give up their dreams of industries and fields. In the process of realizing their dreams, they must be legal, compliant and ethical.

There is no escaping the topic of well-intentioned state regulation

Long before, concerned branch is eyeing block chain.The central bank has long defined bitcoin as not a currency and not a transaction intermediary. In 2017, ICO and domestic bitcoin transactions were continuously banned.Basically, the country is negative to bitcoin and other digital currencies, and the domestic blockchain entrepreneurship is actually in a low ebb.

Nor, of course, is the government blocking the trend.Now the central bank plans to study the issue of China's own digital currency.In addition, tencent and other large enterprises are also actively exploring block chain technology, interested people can closely follow these trends.In our country, it is certain that it is not wrong to read the policy while running.

In the other direction, don't run.

Blockchain is a revolution of value Internet.The core of blockchain is decentralization. What has human history been doing since ancient times?

In essence, they all want to be decentralized but fail to complete it. They are always in a cycle of centralization.The founder of the COINS in the hearing of his greatness, through the human so much sacrifice and effort didn't do it, he used a code made it, although there is no see influence the actual concrete effect, but in this power must be deep and profound, the influence of human progress process is greatly reduced, and the future of society must be decentralized society, both in political and economic decentralization, this is a landmark, all good things will be real began.

Architecturally, the blockchain design is beautiful, full of idealism and the glory of freedom. For the first time, people can trust each other without relying on anyone or organizations.If mankind can achieve utopia, the first step should be from block chain, it is not only the future TCP/IP...

Do you want to "go into the sea"?With what

Blockchain is an emerging industry. It is not easy to establish a foothold in the blockchain industry.At least we need to have all the preparations in the following aspects:

1. Knowledge structure

Someone asked li xiaolai why you can grasp the dividends of bitcoin.As for li xiao, I know English and am interested in emerging technologies from abroad. I like to visit foreign technology websites frequently and find bitcoin.

In these simple sentences, we found the basic knowledge structure requirements, English, scientific Internet access, scientific and technological knowledge.

In fact, to truly participate in the blockchain industry, blockchain covers a much broader range of knowledge.Such as cryptography, economics, computer distributed systems, money science, finance, science and technology trends and so on.

In fact, it is difficult for a person to be good at many fields, but only a few of them need to be cross-border combination, can form their own unique competitiveness.In addition, complementarity among team members is a good way to make up for it.

Although it is very difficult and complicated to enter this industry, we believe that the threshold is too low for many people to do things, why can we succeed?The more difficult things, the higher the threshold of things, the more competitive and competitive barriers.

2. Ability to circle

The so-called circle of competence does not conflict with the knowledge structure.Is the so-called coin circle a day, the world a year, in the coin circle can feel the rhythm is really too fast, as if opened the accelerator of life.

Working in such an environment requires us to have strong learning ability.From the knowledge structure just listed, we can see that in order to gain a foothold in this industry, we must keep learning, constantly charging and constantly expanding our knowledge structure.

To have the ability to resist pressure, the faster the rhythm, the greater the pressure.We sometimes really feel that people in the coinage do not sleep. At any time, there are people in the group to discuss, exchange information, explore problems and think about problems.This is the rhythm of money circle life, in this rhythm, the pressure is certainly greater.

We should have a buddhist mentality.The so - called buddhist mentality has two meanings. First, look down on the harvest and avoid expansion.Second, look down on short-term volatility losses, long - term vision.

Another mentality is to focus too much on short-term gains and losses, daily fluctuations in the disk can disturb his heartstrings.Heart always want to see dish stare at dish, rose immediately happy, fell panic not line.This mentality is also not allowed, do this line of work must take a long view, or you will find that short-term fluctuations will have a dramatic impact on your life.

Share.As the saying goes, the more you share, the more successful you will be.In such a circle, their timely access to information, information a favorable wind direction, may be able to benefit others together.Sharing is also conducive to the condensation of their own contacts and core competitiveness.

3. Social circle

Coin circle is also a pyramid circle, from the outside into the line, is the process of constantly going to the upper pyramid.The further up the pyramid you go, the more information you see.

In the circle of block chain, the project side, capital side, retail investors, exchanges, media, technology, mining and other small circle layer small fields can be contacted more, the higher the circle layer can be contacted, the more ahead of the market to do some reaction.

There are more consultations, Please note that UB tradingplace

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